After gluing the attention, and envy, of many due to its implicit ‘cheesy’ feeling, a Facebook image thread which went viral some days ago proved to be a literality of ironically ironic situations.

In general, the thread showed a couple sharing some moments and snaps together which somehow summarized the relationship they have had during the years starting from the year 2009.

Due to its innate feeling of sweetness and romance from the start of the thread, many became interested in affair and relationship of the two individuals in the story.

The first snap showed the two having a light moment while sitting in a chair while the girl appeared to be leaning towards the guy and both were smiling.

An almost same snap came the next year which showed the two gamely posing for the camera and somewhat expressed their joy for being together during those times.

The third image on the thread mirrored their closeness to each other as they are seen in another good moment in what appeared to be a house of a friend.

The succeeding snaps documented their transformations, from being teenagers to being grown-ups and this earned the praise of many because of the fact that they managed to survive and stay together through the years.

Some of their latest pictures showed them while seemingly being on a date together, and another snap revealed that they are from the same faith while attending a common religious ritual.

From the initial perspective of many, a sweet ending is near for the two protagonists of the viral thread.

They didn’t expect the final image, however.

After years of being ‘sweet’ and ‘close’ to each other, the last picture caught the netizens by surprise as it highlighted a completely ironic situation as they apparently are only best friends.

The final image proved to be a heart breaking moment as the guy stood beside the girl, for the last time, as they posed for a souvenir photo in the girl’s marriage day.

The snap showed her leaning towards her husband as her best friend kept his distance but somehow managed to keep his game smile always on display.

However, even it proved to be really bitter, the uploader provided a silver lining as he closed it with a positive vibe by saying, “There’s always a rainbow after the storm.”




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