“Bes, daig tayo ng 14 years old.”

That statement had been the gist of manh comments from netizens surrounding the recently-uploaded snaps of young sweetheart Andrea Brillantes.

Just some moments after it was posted online, it already became a trending topic and was shared numerous times.

One of the pictures showed her on a seemingly happy holiday vacation while enjoying a sip of her juice on a pool.

Though it was very simple, she was simply stunning.

Andrea wore a white, fitted top which perfectly sculpted one of her best assets, plus her flashing smile which captivated the netizens attention.

She also posted pictures of her posing with big presents while wearing a good-cut and classy red dress which emphasized her figure more.

Recalling, Andrea rose to stardom after she started as a child talent.

According to an article from website Manila Central, she rose to fame after she played the role of Annaliza in the hit 2013 primetime series ‘Annaliza’.

Some years after that stint, it is clearly evident that she is not a child anymore.

The young Andrea perfectly transformed into a gorgeous lady who can dominate the industry in the near future.

Meanwhile, her photos raked in hefty numbers of likes and comments from the netizens.

One netizen aired her comment by saying, “Gandara naman this girl.”

Another said, “Ang pretty mo ate drea. Fan mo ako.”

Well, Andrea is indeed both a drop-dead gorgeous and sexy young star.

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