Familial ties and love definitely knows no boundaries.

Well literally no boundaries for this anonymous online letter sender who declared that he has established an incest relationship with her mother.

He started his story about her mother’s experience in the hands of his abusive father.

According to him, “14 years old si mama nong nabuntis siya ng w*langhiya kong ama. Simula bata ako, bugbog-sarado na si mama kay papa lalo’t kagagaling lang niya sa inuman at kapag wala na kaming pera.”

He then narrated that her aunties have instructed his mother to leave his father for good because he was causing them harm.

“Pero ayaw ni Mama,” he said.

The sender then declared that there come a time that he discovered the feeling of how to love but he cannot sue anyone because he cannot see his mother’s qualities to other ladies.

He then stated, “Hanggang sa naisipan ko na si Mama nalang kaya ang ligawan ko.”

Though this sounds a little too much for their status, he is quick to defend it by saying, “Tutal si Papa doon naman na umuuwi sa bago niyang pamilya.”

He said that his mother is angered by his actions at first but eventually, she has come to approve.

The sender said that after working and studying, he always have flowers and chocolates for her mother.

He also admitted that there are sexual moments happening between the two of them.

“I admit may nangyayari sa amin. Pero nangako ako na pagka-graduate ko saka na kami magpapamilya,” he shared.

Currently, he is now a third-year college student while his mother is busy in online selling.

He then closed his controversial letter with, “Mahal na mahal ko ang Mama ko na magiging asawa ko din. Masama man sa mata niyo, pero nagmamahalan kami.”

As expected, the letter caught so much attention and criticisms shortly after it was posted online.

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