She is indeed worthy of the praise “Phenomenal Star.”

Not only she made names for herself as a good actress, but she also has the celebrity-worthy looks.

Though we are able to spot some of her daring sexy snaps, her recent photos just wowed everyone.

Her pictures featured her recent vacation where she flaunted her best assets in her classy bikini.

One picture showed her while stunning with her beautiful one-piece, black bikini.

Another showed her alluring while she laid in the sand with a shot from her perspective.

The ‘Dubsmash Queen’ just showed her sexy side with these photos.

She then captioned it with “Stay Salty” which can be thematically attributed to her bashers.

Just recently, she starred with her on-cam partner Alden Richards in some hit movies and projects.

This include romatic-comedy films “My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore” (2015) and “Imagine You and Me” (2016).

Though these photos are taken from last year, it still inflicts Maine’s beauty and sexiness into place.

These were shared in her official Instagram account last March 2016 while she is on a Holy Week vacation.

Shortly after these were shared, many fans acknowledged the fact that she have just shared some ‘never-before-seen’ snaps showing her sexy side.

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