It is given that physical appearance is the babies of the most artist in entertainment industry.

Majority of them were dealing at investments of their faces and shapes of bodies in order for them to maintain and boost their career.

Having the best look equates the status of career.

It is the major factor why does celebrities were commited to change their appearance technologically.

But in some cases, without any technical contact, artist can manipulate their through the use of editors, particularly Photoshop.

It is embarassing when it caught but for the sake of reigning, artist are willing to do it.

June 2017, The Queen of all media, Kris Aquino, posted a picture on her Instagram account which makes a big gossip to all netizens.

Moreover, netizens notice the misleading warped effect to the picture of the actress.

The lines which is on the wall became curved as a great evidence that photoshop has been used to rearrange some details of the picture.

The main objective of warping is to make Kris’s body become slimmer and good-looking.

Kris wanted to celebrate the her friendship with former co-worker Darla Sauler, as a remembrance they took a picture of themselves.

The celebrity admitted to her mistake as what she said. But some netizens did not mentioned the failed of editing at all because according to them, their is no big difference between the pictures. Kris is still looks great.

Netizens focused to the long term missing of Kris at TV Shows and Local Channel.

It shows that we will do anything just to make our investments boost in our career.

No matter what it is Kris’s choice so we cannot complain but judge.

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