According to a radio station, Yes The Best Manila, an unnamed netizen talked to them for some confession regarding her and her sister.

According to the sender of confession, she found out that the fiance of her sister is the father of her child.

Furthermore, she was sophomore when she got pregnant by her crush. She did not tell her crush at all and stopped going to school to focus on her family. However, she decided to finished college to fulfill her dreams.

On unexpected moment, when she visited her, she accidentally met the father of her child after seven years.

It is funny to imagine how does fate pulls the track of her and her crush which is the father of her child. But, if we take it seriously, she is in real trouble of truth behind her child and her sister.

Moreover, the moment they met again, all the memories flashed back to her mind.

She tries to reveal the past at mall, she testify that she was drunk when had a love contact with her crush who named by her as “Tony” for hiding identity. Then, she found out that she is pregnant after two months.

The trouble already tries her conscience to tell her sister about the truth. She is bothered that the father of her child is nearly reachable but with installed barrier of her sister’s feeling.

Let us face the reality, sometimes we cannot counterpart the fate of ourselves. Even though we try to forget the past once it turns back it can result into a big trouble which can trigger the matter of choice. Wether we let this to happen even it is unfair, or tell the truth even the most important to you will cross and hurt.

Fate is the most crucial factor of the unexpected moment of revelations within the sisters. But the problem, how can the child adopt once it burst to her progress.

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