Afterall, not all woman who give birth goes ‘losyang.’

And Maggie Wilson is a living testimony.

The Binibining Pilipinas 2007 star just proved to everyone that giving birth is just another life experience that won’t do any harm in anyone’s desire to achieve a sexy bod.

In a recent interview, Maggie disclosed that before she got pregnant, she only weigh 107 pounds.

However, in a short span of almost two to five months, she have gained a hefty 48 months.

Well, that could have explained the worries of any woman about pregnancy issues.

But not for this celebrity mom.

Some months after she gave birth, Maggie began hitting the track towards achieving her former size and shape.

And by doing so, she is now flaunting her best assets again while stunning in a bikini.

However, Maggie revealed that it is clearly not a walk in the park.

“It took me months to get back to my body and my shape. I think people need to understand that we do make an effort ,” Said the star.

In the same interview, she spilled her secrets in achieving the envy-worthy transformation.

“I work hard, I eat well, and I don’t abuse my body,” said the pretty mommy.

She then tackled a common issue that many of today’s mothers take for granted.

“I think what a lot of moms forget is that sometimes they let themselves go. And when they do let themselves go, they end up becoming unhappy,” shared Maggie.

But Maggie quickly cleared the smoke that she is not happy to be a mom.

She continued, “I’m flattered when they say that I don’t look like I’m a mom, because I work hard to not look like a mom.”

The celebrity mom then closed the interview by giving a piece of advice for mothers out there wanting to achieve the perfect shape even after childbirth.

Maggie declared, “Rule number one is love your child, but love yourself above all. Because before your child, there was you and there was your partner or husband.”

Well, it is clearly a redefined boundary between being a loving mother and a lovely woman.

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