As we can remember, Judy Ann Santos were consider as one of the most prestigious actress from her teens to maturity during her time.

The reigning of the actress was totally shine when Wowie De Guzman enter to her career and become his partner for loveteam. Their chemistry was totally affected the psychological and emotional aspect of the viewers due to their talent, these factors let them to gain successfulness throughout their career.

Not just the past loveteam of Judy Ann Santos gained victory, but also the rivalry of her movies with the most talented antagonist of all time, Gladys Reyes, their catfight scenes totally affected the storyline of every which let them to become bestfriends in real life.

On the present time, Judy Ann Santos is continously appear on local television through her commercials and TV Hosting. But of course, top of her priority is to become a wife to her beloved husband, Ryan Agoncillo, and a mother to her children.

On the other hand, as a woman, Judy Ann Santos also seek for relaxation and meditation for happiness. One of her way is to go shopping with her friends.

In fact, Judy Ann Santos became viral at social media when a certain video trends about her mutual interaction through her fans while shopping at mall.

As it noticeable in the video, Judy Ann is very approachable and kind to her fans. Instead of refusing her fans, she is the one who hold the cellphone of her fans to take some selfie. The factor that amazed the fans is that Judy Ann were roaming without any bodyguards while having some fun with her friends.

Once the video was being posted at Youtube, there is a comment there of her anonymous fans which stated that it is the reason why Judy Ann’s reigning in the field of showbiz cannot be destroy nor fade through time.

It is very thankful to think that there is still a kind of actress like this. An actress which is willing to reach his fans without any formal scene or cameras.

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