It is, indeed, from being simple to being simply stunning.

Though this girl spent her life being simple, her recent beauty transformation simply caught the Internet by surprise.

Her experience brings the spirit of “Puberty Hits” into reality.

Krizia Jewel Velilla Silverio, a student of Baliuag University, recently made waves in the web after she posted a beauty comparison of her photo when she was young to her present aura.

Her snaps back when she was a simple girl shows how she looked like many of the typical girl who have a ‘morena’ complexion.

She also done things made by the ordinary girls of her time.

But the real deal comes with her recent photos.

Going to the essence of the term “puberty hit her like a truck,” this pretty girl is now a ‘girl-next-door’ type.

She really transofrmed into being a gorgeous lady capable of second glances.

Because of her transformation, she was featured in many blogs and online websites.

One of her snaps even showed her joining, and winning, a certain beauty pageant.

Her picture series also showed how she transformed from being a ‘morena’ to being a ‘mestiza.’

Fair enough, her new complexion perfectly partenered her striking smile and wavy hair.

It is also a given that she have a hot, sexy body.

Well, her story just tells us that there is still hope-for all of us.

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