In this Yuletide season, the onflow of Filipino commuters is a given.

Majority of the public is on their way to be with their loved ones especially those residing in provinces.

Hence, the transportation sector meets one of the highest demands for their service this time of the year.

And by mentioning these demands, it may include the possibilities of continuous driving especailly fro those who have trips to distant areas with a great volume of passengers.

However, with this great demand comes also great responsibility.

As a member of the transportation sector, it is their duty to provide safe service to those who seek their service.

But just recently, a netizen posted his scary experience onboard a public bus plying the route to Mariveles, Bataan.

Yves Trinidad boarded a bus on Paniqui, Tarlac to her destination in San Fernando.

Apparently, she is a regular commuter and she knows the practices in public commuting.

She also said that in any given day, she would fall asleep during the trip.

But her latest trip was a different one.

Though everything seemed normal at first, the driver later on showed signs of unusual behavior.

And since Yves sat on the front seat, she have the firsthand view of what does the driver do.

According to her Facebook post, the driver constantly honks the horn even when the road is clear.

Also, he costantly steps on the break causing the vehicle to ‘jerk.’

On the video that she also shared, it is evident that the driver has his odd behavior in clear sight.

He sways his arms wildly, is very uneasy, shifts the gear constantly and abnormally glances on the side mirrors more often.

Yes thought that everything is just normal, until she sees other passengers also clamoring about the driver’s behavior.

Some moments later, the bus conductor tried to talk to the adriver but the latter got mad and instructed the conductor to go away.

Because of this, the conductor went to the passenger’s area and tried to calm the passengers down.

As they reached San Fernando Toll Gate, her fellow passengers proceeded to talk to the driver but he also got mad and shouted some words to them.

He even dared them to transfer to other bus while throwing tantrums.

It was in San Fernando Paskuhan when Yves alighted from the bus and the other passengers also decided to do so.

This experience made Yves post it in social media sites to serve as a warning to everyone.

She then said in her post that she doen’t want to make her story viral and to destroy the job of anyone but just issued a fair warning to all commuters especially this holiday rush.

Meanwhile, some of the netizens commented that maybe the driver is under the influence.

One commented, “Nakadroga pampagising.”

Another’s comment seemed to be more convinced, “That’s just drugs.”

Well, if this is a longstanding practice in the sector, we therefore have a big reason to worry about our safety.

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