Women are meant to be loved, not beaten.

Well, this statement could not well sit in today’s modern world.

Thousands of news and reports highlight the sad reality that women are mostly the targets of physical assault and battery.

If not, rape and verbal abuse are the choices of those demon-minded.

Yes, it is true that misunderstandings are part of the relationship but each side should control their emotions wisely to save, not only their relationship, but also their partner from harm.

The story of a young woman is making rounds online after it highlighted the physical abuse she received from his boyfriend.

They are in a relationship for about seven months and their social media posts show them having trips, both locally and internationally.

From the post, the lady said that she is the one who paid for all of those.

Her mysery began when they attended a graduation celebration with their friends.

There’s a steady supply of alcoholic drinks and her boyfriend, Ash Cuizon drank a little too much.

Though she reminded him to slow down, he said, “I got this, babe.”

On their way home however, Ash began to curse her and say violent warnings.

But the real deal started when they got home.

She narrated how Ash choked her while cursing her continuously.

He then began acting weird, even attempting to drink her perfume.

Ash then tried to throw her phone but later decided to just keep it for it is a high-end phone.

The physical and verbal torture continued until the point that Ash threatened her life and his own life with a knife.

Before he fell asleep, he put a P1-thousand bill in her wallet to compensate for her broken bracelet.

From 12:30 AM to 5:30 AM she experienced the trauma her boyfriend is not supposed to give her.

That morning, she went straight to her best friend’s house to seek company.

He then received a message from Ash which says that he won’t be able to attend classes for he gave all of his budget to her last night.

Fast forward to this day, the woman has fever for almost a month and experienced blunt trauma on her body.

She then closed her post by issuing a fair warning, ‘Girls know your worth.’

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