Even before the Malacañang pictorial, Isabelle Duterte was already known as the new social media fashionista.

Not only she has good fashion choices, but only she has one of the most fashionable collections of high-end bags that only those from alta sociedad can afford.

The Presidential granddaughter is evidently a fan of having these kind of luxuries according to some of her social media posts.

Although she is just 17 years-old, Isabelle is certainly used to luxury.

Of her 37 photos in her Instagram collections, three of those showcase some of the world’s finest quality bags which significantly has hefty prices, too.

One of her snaps showed her eating while in a vacation in Sydney, Australia.

At the lower left side of the photo is a beautiful red bag which according to research is actually a Céline Nano Luggage Bag in Baby Drummed Calfskin.

Judging just by the name itself, the bag is definitely a luxury.

But with its price comes the real deal for it costs a staggering USD 2, 700 or PHP 135, 445.50 when converted.

Really, an awe-inspiring luxury!

Another variant of the tote bag was also seen in Isabelle’s trip to Japan last May 2016.

The then-16 year old Isabelle is seen toting a black variant of the Céline bag.

Meanwhile, Isabelle’s bathroom selfie taken last April shows her having the more luxurious Micro Luggage Bag in Baby Drummed Calfskin with retailing price of USD 2, 900.

When converted to peso, it is worth a staggering PHP 145, 362.50!

According to research, the luxury brand Céline was founded by Céline Vipiana in 1945 and was acquired by another luxury line Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy in 1996.

Because of the acquisition, Céline then became known as one of the world’s social status for the rich and famous.

In 2010, it unveiled its luxury line of bags featuring different sizes like Nano, Micro, Mini, Medium Phantom and Large Phantom with prices ranging from USD 2,100 to USD 2,900.

Well, the fact that Isabelle has these kind of bags mean that they are indeed well-off.

In comparison, an average Filipino household needs PHP 120, 000 to have a comfortable life for a month.

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