It is a no-brainer to ask if the on-screen love team of Pinoy Big Brother alumni Maymay Entrata and Edward Barbers really clicked.

After attracting a large throng of loyal supporters, they finally found themselves in the showbiz limelight after they have starred as the lead acts in their own movie title “Loving in Tandem.”

And just recently, they again made waves online after some photographers snapped their sweet moments in the backstage of the ABS-CBN Just Love Christmas Special.

Well, love it is not only on the stage but also where Maymay and Edward are.

Apparently, Maymay pulled a trick to Edward using his hoodie.

After being played with the trick, Edward then looked for her and when he finally caught her, he hugged her tight and lifted her.

This made her sweater get a little loose and was accidentally lifted from behind her back.

It came as a surprise to many and delight to their fans.

A post by account @starmometer documented the moment and captioned it with, “Meanwhile, sa backstage ng #JustLove #Christmas special ng ABS, may ganitong eksena ang #MayWard

But it was clearly evident in the video that there was no intentional lifting that happened, just a pure incident.

Thus, it is unnecessary to put some malice on it.

Meanwhile, the on-screen partner lead some of the series against cyber-bullying which is experienced not only by celebrities but also by ordinary people.

They stressed the point that the victims undergo extreme depression if encountered by these bashes and hateful comments.

Edward said, “The worst thing that anyone can ever experience is getting their family and friends bashed for no reason.”

Maymay, on the other hand, emphasized that she don’t have to prove herself to others for what really matters is that God knows who she were on the inside.

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