In the advent of modernization, almost all things are made ‘modern.’

Appliances, transportatiom, communication and even banking are now one click away.

One product of this modernization scheme was the cryptocurrency system.

In this system the present fiat money, or the bills and coins we are holding, is invested and converted into a ‘virtual money’ with equal value.

However, the value increases through time.

Though Bitcoin in itself is legal, some used it as a front to lure investors into multi-million scams.

This was the case Xian Gaza is trying to establish in his latest video post.

He said that he made the video for the awareness of the general public, even if it means he have to go abroad because there was an alleged P5-milliom bounty put up for his head by a big syndicate.

His opening remarks in the video said, “If you are watching this video right now, it means na na-upload na siya ng admin ko as per my instruction. And at the jjnnmoment nasa loob na ko ng eroplano boarding, getting out of the country para magtago muna because I have a 5 million pesos bounty on my head, dead or alive, by a certain syndicate.“

He then went on to explain the essence of his video and the principles behind the ‘scam.’

“In this video I won’t be talking about bitcoin as a market, as a crypto currency, or as a global trend or as an investment. What I’ll be talking about is the mega scam behind it here in the Philippines by a group of people. I will show you later how this scam works. Uhm, bakit hindi nalang ako lumapit sa authorities? Ipakita sa kanila or gawin ‘tong exposé na ‘to? Because I’m afraid na baka ma-conceal lang and hindi lumabas ito because you know money matters,” Xian explained.

He also revealed that he knew the people behind the scheme and they even approached him for ideas, knowledge and even resources to back the said system.

However, Xian didn’t expected that he himself will become a victim of the system he used to help create.

“I feel like I became part of it because a few months ago, knowing me, knowing me, they approached me. And we had a series of meeting and nakapag contribute ako ng ideas, knowledge, and even gave certain uhm resources and connections with the entire system with the entire scheme na nakakalungkot isipin na the system where I somehow become co-creator. Ako mismo ay naging biktima nito. Because I took 34 million pesos from multiple investors and they took it from me. So wala. That’s why nandito ako ngayon, doing this media, doing this exposé,”the controversial personality said.

He then explained the principle which made the system running.

According to him, investors were lured to hand out money in exchange of the promise that it would also increase through time.

And increase it will really do and thus, investors will invest more.

After some time and no one cashes out their shares because its value increases, the proponents of the system will then proceed with the ‘scam.’

According to the Trending News Portal Report, ” The syndicate then liquidates it [investor’s money] by laundering the money to foreign companies which earn 10% of the total amount. They then keep the said money for themselves.”

Xian then warned that this scam will not last forever for it will soon burst and the investors will be left with nothing.

He then explained the reason why he opted to do the video, “The question now is bakit ko ginawa itong exposé na ‘to? What’s my purpose? Kailangan ko lang ba ng publicity or whatsoever? I’ll be straightforward. My life is falling apart now. Ang daming problema. For the past 2 to 3 months, depression stage ako, financially hirap na hirap because you know the 34 million na nagkaproblema recently. Because my personal investors siyempre naghahabol din with the money, domino effect.”

He also said that doing the exposé is a redemption for himself.

Recalling, Xian gained infamy after he caused a giant billboard to be posted in which he asked pretty actress Erich Gonzales for a date.

Though many appreciated his ‘sweetness’ and admired his status as a young CEO of his own company, his former business partners lashed him out and tagged him as a ‘scammer’ and a ‘fake.’

After that, he became known as the ‘national scammer.’

In the video, he purportedly accepted the claim.

He said, “After all the wrongdoings na nagawa ko, even yung na-expose ako before as a scammer. They called me a national scammer because you know marami din akong nagawang mali sa buhay ko I’ll be honest. And I feel like I need to stand up now against this evil shit that I’ve been doing.”

He then closed the video by ending up strong, “Take it from the “National Scammer” himself. If about your medical health, you consult a doctor. If about engineering, you look for engineers. If something to do with science, you need a scientist. So if you need to know about scam…?”

Though his actions are shined to be true, many still doubt the validity of his character and thus, his statements.

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