Days after a traffic altercation boiled to one of the most widespread public outcry in the country, the employers of the woman in the video was reached out by the online community to give their direct actions.

Cherish Sharmaine Interior, the woman in the video, is employed as a call center agent in VXI PH Global Solutions.

After her road rage video circulated the web like wildfire, a netizen named Kirk Barbosa immediately scoured the net for the information about her.

When he had the information about where she was working, he knew what to do next.

In his post, he said, “Most of us have family members who are elderly and I am very angry that this kind of attitude exists! Clearly, this woman has anger management issues. SHE CAN’T HANDLE STRESS and is a THREAT to the safety of your employees!

He then said straightforwardly, “We hope you will firmly stick with your principle to not tolerate this kind of attitude, and employ this woman! Please, do not let this woman represent your company!”

And as expected garnered a throng of supporters after it was liked and shared by more than 55, 000 others.

Similar posts circulated the Internet and asked for a similar fate for the woman.

This prompted VXI PH to release its official statement regarding the issue.

It said, “VXI Global Holdings B.V. is aware of the recent altercation involving a VXI employee and a taxi driver after photos, videos, and other postings about the incident circulated on social media. However, the incident occurred when the employee was on personal time and was not doing any work for VXI.

The official statement continued, “We leave it to the appropriate authorities to handle the case. While VXI is not in any way connected with the incident, VXI does not condone misconduct and any inappropriate behavior by any of its employees.”

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