Being dubbed as the man’s bestfriend, dogs are favorite contestants in the ‘Most Loyal’ pet awards.

So it is not a surprise that many individuals turned to dogs for protection, affection and love.

These group of people basically love everything about dogs: dog shows, dog parks, dog walks and others.

So imagine their admiration, and love, to the dog which made stirs online after it was snapped commuting in a public jeepney with its owner.

Not only that, it sits like a human!

Though it was last year that the photo has been shared, it was again making waves just recently after some netizens began to notice and share it again.

The photo, which was taken by a certain Derick Anne Mariano, showed the dog sitting like a human would do in boarding a jeepney.

The light-furred canine was also taking sideway glances towards the windows of the jeepney just like a child would do.

Many admired the discipline of the dog because not too many would act the same.

Also, many were mesmerized by the act since dogs are generally stereotyped to be taken on walks and kept with leashes.

Well, if this canine can be disciplined, why can’t we?

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