This lady is hell of a bad-ass.

At first glance, you would mistake her for being a celebrity or a model.

But if you happen to know her, you would discover the ‘alpha’ personality hiding behind her good-looks.

PO3 Minerva Ramos from Davao City is now making rounds online not just for having the “girl-next-door” looks but also for the fact that she joined the grueling training for the Philippine National Police S.W.A.T. team.

For information, the SWAT or Special Weapons and Tactics division of the PNP specializes on responding to urban calls of duty requiring specialized training like hostage takings.

From this fact alone, we can presume that the training to become a member of this elite police squad is very rigorous and grueling.

But this doesn’t stop PO3 Ramos from joining.

According to reports, she joined the PNP S.W.A.T. CL-39-2017 “ALAKDAN.”

Though having the basic and advanced skills of being an active police personnel, she opted to make her duty to the next level.

Thus, in her SWAT training, she learned advanced skills on lessons like “Fundamentals of Marksmanship”, “Close Quarter Maneuver”, “Introduction to Crisis Management”, “Mission Planning”, and “Field Exercise.”

Her experience proves that there are no more dividing lines between men and women in this present times.

Also, PO3 Ramos’ journey showed that there are no thing left unaccomplished if perseverance and bravery comes into reality.

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