In this world full of prejudice and stereotype, almost everyone wants to be accepted by the societal beauty standards.

And if one is born without these ‘standards’, there’s still a way to achieve these without rebirth- plastic surgeries.

Though these beauty enhancing procedures receive numerous moral concerns, there’s still a a lot of individuals patronizing the practice.

And the following list of Pinoy celebrities admitted their ‘going under the knife’ experience.

The daughter of controversial celebrity doctor Vicki Bello named Cristalle admitted back in 2011 that she had undergone liposuction to enhance her figure.

Singer-host Angeline Quinto once said that she had underwent various beauty-enhancing procedures like the cosmetic procedures done on her ‘sad-looking’ eyes and had liposuction for her arms and back, too.

Actress Gretchen Barreto underwent lip-enhancing surgery to achieve her most desired pouty lips.

The then-persona of Jake Zyrus, Charice Pempengco, went under the knife in 2010 for a botox but since she opted for a gender change, she had surgically-removed her breast lately.

Jinkee Pacquiao underwent liposuction after giving birth to their third child to remove excess fats in her arms and abdomen regions.

Famous singer Lani Misalucha admitted that she had her teeth, nose and eye bags surgically-enhanced.

Actress Maureen Larrazabal admitted earlier this year that she received cosmetic surgeries.

Queen of Concert Pops Fernandez took her fangirl status to the next level after she underwent lip-enhancing treatment so she could look like her Hollywood idol, Angelina Jolie.

Showbiz news reporter and celebrity Phoemela Barranda went under surgery because according to her, she is always seen in TV.

Emerging singing sensation Jonalyn Viray had her first surgery when she was just 15-years old to enhance her nose but vowed to never go under the knife again.

Celebrity Lance Raymundo experienced a freak accident while in a workout when an 80-lbs barbell crushed his face so he definitely have to undergo reconstructive plastic surgery.

Actress and fitness enthusiast Aiko Melendez became a fitness icon after she lost 50 lbs. following a strict diet but she recently revealed that she underwent butt-enhancing procedures.

Sexy icon Princess Snell, who recently changed her name to Natalie Hart, admitted that she received breast-enhancement cosmetic surgeries.

The ‘Crush ng Bayan’ Maui Taylor admitted that she underwent various cosmetic surgeries to enhance her breast, tummy, nose, and chin.

Indeed, either morally correct or not, these celebrities just love looking-good.

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