In today’s stressful world, people often forget to smile.

Faced by problems here and deadlines there, our career seemed to be the thief of our joy.

But this fact is broken by some people who shares their stored good vibes to others by means of jokes- and pranks.

This statement had been evident when comedian and host Vice Ganda and viral ‘Gigil Kid’ Carlo Mendoza pulled out their antics while roaming the ABS-CBN Compound.

Vice is a well-known prankster to his colleagues and staffs.

On a particular video, Vice is seen pranking Karla Estrada and Daniel Padilla by making them eat dried leaves disguised as ‘yummy’ chips.

But he seemed to be bored right away after pulling that prank and proceeded with a more serious prank- this time with ‘friends.’

Together with Carlo and some of his staffs, they victimized unsuspecting celebrities and crews alike with finger guns.

Many fell prey and was nervous at first but reduced to a burst of laughter as they realized it was just a prank.

Vice’s Its Showtime co-hosts Anne Curtis and Karylle were also victimized and many netizens took particular notice of Anne’s surprised reaction.

A netizen commented on this and said, “Laughtrip kay Anne. haha”

Another said, “hahaha, ang cute ni anne, binuhat tlga c baby carlo. Bagong trending nanaman ba toh?? Hahaha”

These reactions are only part of the amussed public who belongs to the nearly 35k individuals who watched the video in Youtube shortly after it  was uploaded.

As for Vice and Carlo, it seemed they enjoy a good relationship with each other since Vice is now the educational benefactor of Carlo.

It can be remembered that Vice pledged to assume the educational funds of Carlo until he graduates.

This is because Vice got impressed on Carlo’s level of thinking and maturity as he guested on Vice’s late night show Gandang Gabi Vice.

Well jokes and pranks aside, there’s a bright future ahead of this ‘Gigil Kid.’

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