“A father’s love is irreplaceable.”

This had been the opening statement of the quote which Facebook user Juv Montaner used as an introduction to her emotion-stirring post.

And the essence of that one-liner is literally mirrored in her brother-in-law’s staged surprise to his daughters Breanna and Chayyen.

Juv’s brother-in-law worked as a nurse in Dubai for three long years and hasn’t came home since.

Though keeping an active communication with his daughters through the web, his physical presence was missed by the two very dearly.

Juv’s sister is currently in Bohol to work thus, leaving their children to her care.

On Breanna’s birthday last November 20, her wish is very direct to the point, “I will pray million times because Daddy told me he might come home.”

Unbeknownst to Breanna, her wish will become a reality some days after her birthday.

Their OFW dad called Juv, whom they fondly call Mommy Juv, to relay to her that he is going home.

He also asked Juv to arrange a surprise for her daughters while they eat in Jollibee.

He then requested Juv specifically to ask for the restaurant’s manager if they can allow him use a crew uniform as a disguise.

Lucky for them, the manager of the Jollibee Tubod Ros. Heights branch agreed to lend the OFW dad a jolly cap to hide his identity.

When the day came, the daughters were so excited with the food that they don’t recognized their father right away.

But as soon as the ‘crew’ gave them the foods, Breanna noticed something particular about him- he have the handmade bracelet which they sent to their dad in Dubai.

This gave the identity of their father away and soon, all of them are crying from extreme joy and happiness.

A part of Juv’s post about the surprise reads, “Glenn told me he does not take it off, for it is his comfort when the loneliness and sadness strikes while he’s far from his daughters.”

Indeed, a fatherly love surpasses all perceived and unknown odds.

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