Displaying his comedic wit, singing prowess and professionalism greatly to his advantage, former stand-up comedian Donita Nose has released a heartfelt message to Wowowin host Willie Revillame.

The show became an excellent foundation for Donita as it offered many door of possibilities.

In an interview, she said, “Wala akong sama ng loob kay Kuya Wil. Sobra-sobrang, sobra-sobrang pasasalamat [ko] sa kanya sa naitulong niya sa akin.”

His inclusion to the show contributed mainly to his fame and that fame equates to being a favorite performer both here and abroad.

Donita acknowledged that fact when he said, “Kasi hindi naman ako mapupunta sa Celebrity Bluff, kung hindi naman ako nakita sa Wowowin, hindi ako mapupunta ng Dear Uge kundi sa Wowowin, hindi ako mapupunta ng kahit anong show dito sa GMA kundi dahil sa Wowowin. Kaya, sa kanya nag-umpisa ang lahat.”

His comedic tandem with another comedian Super Tekla produced unexpected results which later proved to be very advantageous to the show.

Many viewers admitted that they only wait for Donita and Tekla crack a joke and their day is completed.

Because of this, Donita expressed his extreme gratitude to Kuya Willie.

He said, “Sabi ko nga sa kanya, utang na loob ko ‘yung mga nangyayari ngayon sa buhay ko.”

He added, “Isa ito sa pinakamahalagang nangyari sa buhay ko na naging artista ako, na nakilala ako kahit papaano. Siya ang nagbigay ng break sa akin na parang bilang ganito nga, bading.”

But to the surprise of many avid viewers, Tekla was allegedly fired from the show because of certain misdeamenor.

And just recently, even Donita Nose is crossed out of the show’s regular hosts.

This made a wave in the social media and many people stopped patronizing the show.

But despite his oust, Donita remained positive and doesn’t have any grudges to Willie.

He the clarified that everything was okay between him, the show and the network.

Donita however failed to mention any supporting details about his oust.

He just sent to Willie a heart-warming message which reads, “Mahal na mahal kita kahit na hindi tayo magkasama ngayon dahil marami kang ginagawa sa show mo, pero still nandito pa rin naman ako para sa’yo.”

Well, what a graceful act of professionalism.

Definitely, joking aside.

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