It was, after all, a very horrific moment.

A man surnamed Li in the southern regions of China complained about the discomfort and itchiness her feels within his ears.

Though he took the matters lightly on the early part, he was then rushed to the hospital after it became unbearable.

He was rushed to the emergency room of a hospital in Guangdong Province in Southern China and was immediately checked.

What appeared to be an ordinary itch inside his ear is actually a horrifying truth.

The only reason of his discomfort is that 26 cockroaches are inside his ear!

Using an electric otoscope, the doctors noticed an insect-like creature blocking Li’s ear canal completely.

Then, they have found out that it is a mother cockroach.

Dr. Yang Jing from Chang’an Xiaobian Hospital in Dongguan then said, “Apparently, a mother cockroach slid into his ear and decided to spawn 25 of her little cockroaches inside.”

Doing some emergency steps carefully, the doctors were able to remove all of the cockroaches, including the newly-born ones, and flushed the ears of Li.

According to many experts, cockroaches are one of the most hardy creatures in the planet.

As a matter of fact, they can survive a nuclear explosion all by themselves.

And thankfully, the doctors are successful in removing the insects inside Li’s ear because they can survive inside for months without food.

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