Well, think of a supportive dad.

For his daughter Ellie, Jake Ejercito can do all sort of things just to make her happy.

Last Saturday, Jake fulfilled his ‘dad-duties’ as he showed up and supported the little gymnast’s competition.

As she did her stunts, her father is surely proud of how talented her little girl has become.

Jake sarcastically tweeted, “My lil’ champion! with dem Xander Ford knees,” probably referring to Ellie’s darkened knees because of trainings.

On that very contest, Ellie won a gold and three silvers.

It can be remembered that Ellie is the daughter of Jake with Andi Eigenmann.

However, not until Andi’s sister revealed the truth that many of us knew Jake is her true father.

Since the couple is not living in the same house, they recently made a mutual agreement that they will share over Ellie’s custody.

Last August, Andi disclosed that,” Everything is all okay now. Jake and I we share Ellie. Sharing is caring.”

The custodial issues have been the subject of many controversies after they decided to live in different households.

Jake is with his father, former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

He is Erap’s son with former actress Laarni Enriquez.

Andi, on the other hand, belongs to the equally famous Eigenmann clan.

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