He, after all, is the king of public service.

Known for his blatant word choices and sarcastic remarks, journalist Raffy Tulfo really lives to the essence of his show to help those individuals experiencing injustice, from the government or from their family.

His latest ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action’ show featured a mother’s plea about regaining her little child’s custody.

Apparently, her child is with her ex-boyfriend who refused to hand the child over to her.

The mother named Rechel and her present lover Robby sought Tulfo’s help after her past partner Christian refused to give the child back to Rechel.

According to her, she and Christian made an arrangement with their barangay as the mediator that they will have a joint custody for the child after they broke-up.

However, Christian later knew that the child was not his but rather, is a fruit of Rechel’ affairs with other man.

This prompted him to get angry amd refused to hand the child over.

But Robby underwent a paternity test and the chilf is positively identified as his.

Bringing the test as the evidence, they went to Raffy Tulfo and asked him to help them.

After unsuccessful negotiation with Christian’s mother, Raffy sought the help of Ruth Ramos of the Municipal Social Welfare Development (MSWD) in taking the child and giving him back to his real parents.

Now, Rechel and Robby lives together with their child.

On the next episode, Raffy helped Jecalyn Echavarri also in regaining the custody over her child.

Apparently, her ex-lover Harley Malicse refuses to give her son back to her because he uses it as a blackmail so she will go back to him.

However, Jecalyn narrated how she was abused physically plus the fact that Harley is a womanizer.

This prompted Raffy to seek SPO1 Mylene Pabon and sought for her help, together with the MSWD, in recovering the child.

Tulfo arranged that the PNP and MSWD escort Jecalyn to get back her son.

In the end, the two women are awarded custody over their respective children.

Hoping for more help extended towards needy people, Sir Raffy.

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