Just the words make us all shiver in fright.

Well, just imagine the feeling of owning more than a dozen of poisonous snakes and handling them since 15-years old?

This had heen the story of Elies “Peter” Lenturio of Barangay Buarbod in Sorsogon or more commonly known as ‘Cobra King.*

Boasting of his extreme ‘snake-handling’ skills, Peter practically grew up with his pet snakes.

But all those times, who knew that one of his beloved pet snakes will be the end of his life.

Reports say that Lenturio is bound to open his motorcycle’s u-box when the snake’s tail got stuck and was caught in it.

Reacting with the pain, it surged to his left hand and bit it.

Lenturio was extremely angered by this and killed the snake.

However, he ignored the snake bite and refused any medication.

As a matter of fact, instead of going to the doctor to get anti-venom shots, he went to his friends and started drinking.

When he went home, he was drunk and slept immediately.

Shortly after, his relatives saw him foaming on the mouth and his body became stiffened.

This prompted them to rush him to the hospital but to no avail.

Doctors pronounced him dead.

A tragic ending it is for the ‘Cobra King.’

Though possessing an extreme talent of holding snakes, he belonged to the unfortunate ones which account to nearly five million people each year, worldwide.

Lesson learned that pets are lovable, yes, but seek medical help if bit.



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