A month after his controvery-filled plastic surgery and name change, Marlou Arizala once again became the talk of the town as a video of her alleged ‘daughter’ circulated online.

The 15-second video shows a crying girl pleading for her father to come back to her in between sobs.

“Kung sino po nakakita sa aking nawawalang ama, na si Marlou Arizala namimiss ko na po siya. Sana po pakidala na siya sa akin,” the little girl said.

The video came just in time for Marlou just recently made talks as he went missing without disclosing where he are going to anyone.

Basing on appearance alone, one can spot the alikeness of the little girl in the video to Marlou.

The uploader of the video, Facebook user Flores Afu Flores, didn’t expected that the video will become viral.

Soon after, she disclosed that the girl in the video is in reality his younger sister nicknamed ‘Bodekdek.’

She said that she taught her sister what to say and how to act and they filmed the video.

Posting it just for fun, it quickly became viral and surely earned laughter and gave happiness to those who watched it already.

Though Marlou, or now popularly known as Xander Ford, always receive hateful bash from netizens, his ‘daughter’ received numerous positive vibes for her ‘day-making’ video.

Afterall, laughing is all we need to erase all the negativity in our life.

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