Tired of being ugly?

Thanks to a popular Korean plastic surgery show,  one can make transformation of their face-and lives too.

And the second to receive the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is 21-year-old Wanida Wantakamphu, a somtam vendor who once received hateful remarks from bullies because of her ‘witch chin.’

“When I look in the mirror, I don’t like what I see. I hate all the bully words. They say I’m a witch with a long chin,” she said.

The overall transformation project is courtesy of show Let Me In Thailand which emphasizes Korean-style surgery processes.

And as surprising as it maybe, the new look of Wanida caught the attention of many.

She stated after the surgery, “This show gave me a new life. It gave me a new face. It made me smile like I never did before.”

The surgery focused mainly on her jaw and chin regions.

It also improved other areas of her body such as breasts, legs, eyelids and forehead.

But the major beauty surgery came a little bit too late for the transformed star.

Her boyfriend died four days in a car crash before the show unveiled the improved version of herself.

After the accident, Wanida cannot accept the fact and it took time for her to digest the truth.

She tearfully stated, ““I was speechless. I didn’t believe it at first. I thought it was a prank. He accepted me for how I used to look. I loved and miss him very much.”

Wanida is the second to receive the major transformation after 22-year-old factory worker Noppajit Monlin.

He was born with a twisted jaw that made it hard for him to chew and created a distorted facial feature.

It made him avoid the relationship with other people and accepted the fact that he should live alone.

But thanks to the show, they live now an improved life due to their improved beauty and body features.

Apparently, they live in a world where outer features value more than inner beauty.

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