Truth will be truth even when it’s concealed.

But when time comes that it will be disclosed, it will cause a major stir in the hearts and beliefs of many.

And Boy Abunda’s late-night showbiz show “Tonight with Boy Abunda” has somewhat mastered the art of exposing the truth by means of a method called the “Fast Talk.”

On this segment of the show, the guests are asked some direct questions and they have to answer it “as soon as possible and with honesty.”

On one episode, Iñigo Pascual guested on the show together with the half of loveteam MarÑigo Maris Racal.

And as a “tradition” in the show, they are subjected to the Fast Talks.

Boy asked the two some serious and point blank questions and they need to answer it fast and with all honesty.

Random envelopes are given at first and when they chose the envelope of their choice, they can answer the question inside it.

Maris were asked first and the question inside was a query on the real status of their relationship.

The choices given were only Friends, Dating and In a Relationship.

To the cheers of many, Maris chose Dating as her answer.

On the other hand, the question for Iñigo has surpassed his expectations.

The question was all about his ‘rumored’ relationship with the actress, Sofia Andres.

It can be remembered that Iñigo and Sofia were once linked together and news about their relationship spread like wildfire.

But rumour also has it that Maris is the reason on why the two broke-up.

Tito Boy asked him about the validity of his relationship with Sofia and though hesitant at first, Iñigo said, “Yes.”

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