Not all the time we get the chance to help others in need.

And when we do so, we should do it happily and from the heart.

This had been the story of the grandfather of Japanese rich man Yoshiaki Tsutsumi.

During the economic burst of Japan in the 1980’s, the older Tsutsumi became the richrest man in the world for a short time.

But it is not his wealth that is remembered by people around him.

Rather, it’s the empathy and respect he shows to everyone, even beggars.

The story began when a filthy beggar approached the bakery that Tsutsumi owns.

Since it is the largest bakery that time, it is a given that many customers are present that time.

Because of his stench and appearance, many customers tried to avoid him.

Alarmed by this, the employees of the bakery quickly drove the beggar away.

But he keeps on saying, ” “I want to buy some bread. The cheapest ones please.”

But after some time, still no one cared about what he was saying and eventually, the employees pushed him away and said, “Go somewhere else to loiter!”

This is when the rich owner stepped in to the aid of the beggar.

Instead of fueling the injustice, he respectfully handed the freshly-baked breads to the beggar while bowing his head low and said, “Thank you for your business! Please come again.”

The beggar was touched by the great gesture.

Meanwhile, the owner’s grandson was amazed by the act and asked his grandfather, “Grandfather, why did you serve the beggar enthusiastically?”

He answered, “He may be a beggar but today he is a customer to me! He wanted to eat my freshly baked bread and spent a lot of time begging for money to buy my bread. It really is a tough life for him so I must personally serve him. If not, I would have disappointed him for wanting to buy my bread as a customer!”

His grandson again questioned, ““If so, then, why did you take his money?”

He explained, “Today, he is a customer. Not a beggar coming to beg for food so we must respect him. If we do not accept his money, wouldn’t it be an insult to him? We must remember to respect every paying customer that comes in as our business is kept running by our loyal customers.”

These two statements have far-reaching effects if and only we live by it.

Not only it helped the bakery business to grow, but also it will help the world to achive global peace.

What can you say about this?

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