“I deserve all the hate in the world.”

This had been a part of Maine Mendoza’s reply to queries about her feelings after she received a multitude of negative comments following her open-letter.

The phenomenal star took the social media by storm Sunday evening when she posted a heart-warming letter to the AlDub nation.

On her letter, she emphasized the fact that she suddenly felt unhappy despite all of her achievements and accolades received.

“I am at this point where I feel like I live in a box,” a part of her letter reads.

She added, “”I have not been able to do what I want and say what I feel because every time I try to express my thoughts and feelings, some of you tend to misapprehend and invalidate them in so many ways.”

On the start of the letter, Maine cited the speculation that a lot will turn their backs against her after they have read her letter.

So Maine expects a masdive negativity about her post, afterall.

She expressed in her Twitter post yesterday, “You are all right. I deserve all the hate in the world because I am such a coward and a selfish little brat.”

She then declared, “I get it and I understand.”

Her letter stirred the emotions of many since she does not mirror any hardships she is encountering even she stars daily in Kapuso noontime show Eat Bulaga.

Therefore, it caught her fans off-guard and many cannot contain their emotions and targeted Maine on the outburst.

Many uded various social media platforms like Twitter in criticizing Maine about her off-best action.

But still many supported her, common people and celebrities alike.

One celebrity to show her support is TV personality Christine Bersola-Babao, who is fondly called “Ninang Dub.”

She posted, “No Maine. You don’t deserve to be hated. You deserve to be happy. You were so brave to do what you did.”

Christine went on, “We admire& love you more for that. Be Happy. Only when your heart is full will your cup of love & happiness overflow.”

Another to show support is Twitter user @itsmetelayski by saying, “Meng, sana makita mo ung mga taong nagmamahal sa inyo. Kakakampi nyo kami. We’re always on your side. Madami kami. Andto lang kami.”

The netizen continued, “Wag ka na muna mag lurk please. Hindi cya healthy for you. Videoke tayo gusto mo? Kain? Roadtrip? Tara! Now na ba?”

Another stated, “Meng . Ang tanging deserve mo lang is yung forever love and genuine happiness . Nandito Lang kami We support you and We love you . Nandyan din yung Family and Friends mo . Don’t stress yourself para sa mga tanong ginugulo ka lang . Kaya mo yan . LABAN LANG”

These positive comments are just what Maine needs in this troublesome times.

On the recent days, she also received flak from the netizens after they likened a girl picture from Jake Ejercito’s Instagram story to her.

Ejercito is long been rumored to have a special feeling for Maine.

And unsurprisingly, it drew ire from the AlDub nation who basically roots for the Alden-Maine lovestory.

But in response to this, Ejercito kept his silence and chose to give no comments.

Regarding her relationship with Alden, Maine included a paragraph in her letter dedicated to explaining things clear.

One of the main emphasis on that part of the letter was Maine’s “…we are just friends” statement.

On the recent days, Maine was snapped together with comedian Vice Ganda who is a host and talent from the rival company ABS-CBN.

Could it be the start of something big?



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