Not all the time we found a moment to help others in need.

But not everyone, especially Mary Joy Reyes.

On her recent Facebook post, she narrated a heart-stirring encounter with a child vendor on her way home.

She started on the moment she saw the little boy carrying his quail eggs to sell.

But to Mary Joy’s surprise, instead of advertising his products, the boy hurriedly went straight to the back part of the bus without saying a word.

So she decided to wait for the child’s return to the front since she are sitting on that part.

When suddenly, the boy came running to the front.

Mary Joy saw her opportunity to ask for the price but the boy was seemingly confused and he cannot answer directly at first.

As a result, the conductor was quite irritated and scolded the young boy.

Later he answered that each pack costs P15, but instead of buying, she just gave him money instead.

She continued her story until the point where she alighted from the bus together with the boy.

On that moment, she knew the reason that caused the boy’s tension.

“Hinahabol po kasi ako ng mga rugby boy, ate,” the child declared.

The said woman then concluded that hebis scared for his own safety, hence his confused state when he boarded the bus.

As she continued her emotion-touching narrative, she asked the public to help persons especially children of the same state as the boy.

For the meantime, all Mary Joy could do is wish that they cross paths once again so they can enjoy a meal together.

What can you say about this?

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