If you do something stupid, hours later you’ll be viral.

That has been the case of a man aboard a jeepney who is allegedly doing malicious things to the female student beside him.

The short video, which was upload online by user   Emel Galat, was captioned, “Manyakis Alert: Talipapa to Sangandaan, Q.C.”

Galat then narrated his experience seeing the pervert man doing his things.

Though it was not clearly seen in the video, many speculated that the man brushed the chest area of the female students using his elbows.

Hours after the posting, the video earned the interest of many and it became a hot topic.

One netizen reacted, “Kakagigil tong mga gantong lalaki!”

Another replied, “Kakayamot talaga ganyang mga tao.”

Though many point their fingers to the man as the one to blame, a handful of individuals also criticized Galat and the female student.

Many asked Galat on why he chose to just film the said act and not try to stop the harraser.

To this, Galat sinply replied, “Sa mga nag comment po. Kung hindi ko man sinita “sorry po”. My mga sitwasyon po talaga na hindi nadadaan sa tapang, duwag po kasi ako.”

The female student, on the other hand, also received numerous criticisms from netizens.

One note about the way how the student responded on the act of sexual predacity.

The student can be seen not turning her back or pushing the man’s hand away if she is truly uncomfortable.

However, many shielded the student from the blames and instead turned to the man whose face now is under the watch of many.

What can you say about this?

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