Passing your Chemistry subject is an achievement.

Topping the Chemistry Licensure examinations is out of this world.

This had been the beat of the success story of Bacolod-native John Cyrill Claur as he was hailed one of the topnotchers of one of the hardest licensure examinations in the country.

Together with Jared Philip Condez of the University of the Philippines-Visayas, he was surprised to top the said exam.

A full-pledged Department of Science and Technology scholar, Claur graduated cum laude from the University of Saint La Salle in Bacolod City.

Fueled by his ambitions to help his family, he decided to fly to Manila to prepare for the exam.

But after taking the exam, his hopes seemed to be lost when he confessed that it wad really difficult.

So there will be no other shocking and happiest moment when he knew that he topped it!

“I was shocked when I knew I was the topnotcher as the examination was very hard,” he narrated.

He added, “Ever since, I really wanted to become successful not just because I want it but through it, I can provide my family a better life than they deserve.”

His mother is a housewife while his father is a retired government employee.

When asked about his secret, he said he quit time for his Social Media accounts to focus and devote  his efforts in reviewing.

He also said that he became his school’s representative to various mathematical contests way back his elementary and highschool days that nurtures his skills.

On one point, he expressed thanks to the DOST for their help in attaining his dreams come true.

“Knowing that you’re a scholar, your tuition is being paid, you have grades to maintain there’s no reason for you to do stupid [stuff]” the now-Engineer said.

As a conclusion, he gave inspiration and emotional boost to other soon-to-be-professionals who will take the licensure exams.

He said, “As long as you have the faith and the passion, no one will ever stop you from reaching that goal.”

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