The Constitutional laws are always served even when practical situations say that sometimes, it is not quite applicable.

This statement seemed to be the case of truck driver Tedy Gotis who was arrested following the death of a minor.

Gotis, who is a long-time truck driver, is arrested by police officials when the motorcycle driven by 16-year old John Mark Navarro smashed right to the right tank of the truck Gotis is driving.

However, police reports later exposed that Navarro is driving without license, under the influence of alcohol, without a helmet and a beginner in driving a motorcycle.

These facts highlighted that the minor is the one to blame in his own death

But in our justice system, Gotis is arrested becuase of his ‘wreckless imprudence’ that caused the death of the minor.
This earned the fiery reactions from the people as they blamed the misapplications of our existing laws.

According to them, the bigger vehicle is not always the one in fault when an accident happens.

Deakin vented his ire on his post when he said, “He was immediately arrested for [w]reckless imprudence resulting in death simply because our laws, or the misapplication and interpretation of it, automatically holds the bigger vehicle or uninjured party liable for someone else’s stupidity and irresponsibility.”

Other netizens also took their criticisms of our laws to the social media.

On posted, “These are the things our lawmakers should be spending their time on.”

From this perspective, it is clear that the people who witnessed the accident live or by news reports argued that Mang Tedy is not liable for the minor’s death.

What can you say about this?

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