After short stints with some gay-themed indie movies like Kubli, indie film actor Eugene Tejada faces murder raps as he released his inner-Rambo when he went into a fury targeting office supervisor Frenil Bautista.

The altercation happened in Puregold Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal branch last Wednesday.

After getting viral, the frenzy turned deadly as Bautista passed away after initially being declared in a coma.

The roots of the brawl was Bautista’s alleged acts of lasciviousness towards Tejada’s live-in partner May Jana Malilin.

When she turned to Tejada for safety, the actor then gave Bautista a barrage of blows and continued his onslaught inside a comfort room where he allegedly even smashed the head of Bautista.

Though they are both present in the responding precint after the squabble, police noted of Bautista lack of focus and ability to answer the questions directly.

Later, he was admitted to a hospital and wad declared in a coma due to the gravity of the blows he received.

But the alleged acts of lascviousness by Bautista was furiously countered by his relarives.

According to them, he was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure so those may be the reason on why he felt dizzy and touched Malilin.

Moments later, Bautista’s nephew Lorenz Marasigan vented his ire on his Facebook post.

He narrated that his uncle suffers from diabetes and he felt dizzy that caused him to shove Malilin in her back part.

However, Malilin over-reacted by shouting that Bautista is a “maniac” that provoked Tejada to do the crime.

Medical reports later showed that Bautista died because of the severity of the blows he received on his head and his skull got nearly crushed.



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