Triggering an alcohol-influenced and ‘food-deprived’ man can prove to be fatal.

This speculation suddenly turned into a reality after a crime, dubbed as one of the oddest to ever happen, happened in Malabon, Manila yesterday.

Via Arra Perez, ABS-CBN News

Alberto Ople, a 25 year-old man stabbed his 44 year-old neighbour Jay Ranile seven times on different parts of his body that led to the death of the victim.

According to police investigation, this crime was triggered upon Ople knowing that his mother didn’t left anything for him to eat for supper.

This resulted in Ople throwing a commotion as he shouted angrily and even banged hard their wall, which is also connected to Ranile’s house.

Di siya [Ople] tinirhan ng ulam ng nanay niya. Kinalampag niya ang pader nila, e magkadikit lang bahay nila at nong biktima,” said one of the investigators PO3 Julius Mabasa.

After that moment, his neighbour reported that Ople is purposefully annoying Ranile and even showed hints of attacking the victim as he prepared a knife.

Para talagang iniinis niya ang biktima. At naghanda siya na sasaksakin niya ito kasi may dala na siyang patalim,” continued PO3 Mabasa.

However, the suspect defended his actions and said that it was only an act of self-defense.

Nagtatalo kami ng Nanay ko. Gusto yata magpasikat [Ranile], hinila ang paa ko. Sa sobrang takot ko, sinaksak ko. Ang laking tao non. Inunahan ko na,” Ople exlplained.

Police reports later acknowledged another victim as one of Ople’s neighbour stood in the way and also suffered stab wounds.

The suspect voluntarily surrendered to the police after the crime.

He will be chargd with multiple lawsuits for homicide and physical injuries.

Meanwhile, Mabasa left a warning statement for the community to ponder upon.

Kapag lasing, wag na patulan. Hangga’t maari, habaan nalang ang pasensya,” he warned.

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