After ranking as one of the slowest in the world, the Philippine Internet and cellular connection is facing a future upgrade.

Malacañang announced yesterday that President Rodrigo Duterte formally offered China to provide a faster and more efficient telecommunication service in the country.

In a report released by ANC, Duterte made the offer while meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in his visit last week.

This move is set to break the duopoly set by local telecom giants PLDT and Globe.

“The announcement is the telecommunications duopoly is about to end,” declared Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

“The good news is, the consumers can look forward now to better telecommunications, not just in terms of cellular technology but also in terms of Internet speed as well as access,” Roque continued.

As of this time, no particular Chinese company is eyed in the offer.

But a grace period of 45 days is set by the government for applicants to post their applications directly to the Office of the Executive Secretary.

“China has the capital and the technology to provide efficient telecom service,” explained Roque to support the country’s bid to improve its internet connection speed.

A recent ranking released globally by an internet-speed monitoring firm exposed that the Philippines ranked dead-last in the world with an average internet connection speed of 4.5 Mbps.

In comparison, Asian neighbour South Korea ranked high-first with 26.1 Mbps average while Singapore in up for eighth with 20.2 Mbps.

As a result, critiques both local and international fired a barrage of negative comments about the slow yet overpriced Internet and cellular connections in the country.

The latest to pose such comment is visiting Chinese billionaire and Alibaba founder Jack Ma on his latest trip to the country.

The government’s move is another sign for the Philippines’ deepening ties with the communist country.

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