Love for your mother is a love willing to face any odds.

This had been the reality for a 48-year old farmer named Chen from Xingyin, China as he constantly takes care of her old and frail mother.

Being the youngest on a brood of four, he does all-around wok to provide and care for his mom.

Though losing his both arms in an electrical accident when he’s seven years old, he proved that nothing can stop anyone from doing what they love as he farms, cooks and feeds their goats.

Using his feet both for movement and actions, Chen made everything possible for his bedridden mother suffering from bronchitis.

He cooks their food and spoon feeds his mom using his mouth.

Life must be hard for him, one may say, but he can surpass the rate at which a normal person does his job.

Because of their condition, the social media world expressed their support and respect for the hardworking farmer.

One netizen reacted, “In some ways, his feet look more useful than my hands. What I respect about him the most is how hard he works to make his own life better instead of relying on help from others.”

Another commented an emotion-stirring statement, “I felt like crying when I saw the picture of him feeding his mom.”

People like him deserve more attention and should serve as our example. I wish him happiness,” another netizen reflected.

True enough, Chen’s love for his mother which cannot be diminished nor hindered by anything could teach us a valuable life lesson as we are living in a harsh world where old parents are given away to the Home for the Aged institutions.

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