Posting confessions in social media on various university secret files in Facebook. In the university secret files netizen of the world are given a chance to confess whatever what their want because in this secret files they’ve been hiding inside them for many years.

One people confess in the page of “UP Secret Files” people were left in total shock after the UP Secret Files posted her confession this confession was about the woman who claims she got pregnant after she went on an swimming pool with her cousins. And also according to this story, she claims that she is still a virgin but the she got pregnant and she had no idea how such things happened.

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After the stories published in Facebook, admin of UP Secret Files asked him some questions

She got herself checked and according to her, the doctor told her that there’s a possibility for her to get pregnant if someone mast*rbated in the swimming pool and the sperm cells must’ve entered her private part.

However, just today, November 14, 2017, the truth behind the viral confession was revealed!

In an update, the admin of the UP Secret Files forced the sender of the story to tell them the truth behind the viral confession. According to the confession posted, the letter sender was ignoring her at first, but when she told her that parents are now asking their daughters not to swim in public pools, the sender finally admitted everything.

The sender also revealed that she got pregnant because she had s*x with her cousin and she was ashamed of admitting it to her parents so she refused to tell them about what happened. The sender also pleaded the admin to keep it a secret but then, the admin told her that a lot of people has to know the truth. What’s important is that they would hide her identity.

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