Franco’s death posted the last video that they took before the tragic incident.

The death of a Hashtag member Franco Hernandez really left everybody in total shock because of how tragic and how sudden his passing was.

It was genuinely a saw day for the It’s Showtime family since they’ve lost a family member.

Reports claimed that Franco Hernandez, his girlfriend, and another Hashtag member were en route back toward the North Lamidan, Don Marcelino town when a tremendous wave hit them, making them fall.

Franco Hernandez’s body was recovered unconscious and was brought to the closest clinic yet was then pronounced dead on arrival.

Everybody was lamenting, truth be told, Vice even took to Twitter to express his grief towards what happened to a good friend.

Also, now, another video is circulating on social media.

Franco Hernandez’s girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca has as of late posted a video which she claims to be the last video that she brought with her sweetheart Franco Hernandez.

In the video, they could be seen strolling by the shore and sooner or later, Franco was by and large too sweet to his girlfriend. He even said ‘I love you’ a couple of times. There was one part in the video wherein Franco said ‘Sorry’ and was about to say something but he chose not to say it and only said ‘La lang…” ”

Individuals are then guaranteeing that possibly, Franco has just felt that something’s wrong that is the reason he turned out to be too sweet to his sweetheart and even asked her to take a video with him.

Janica is as yet throbbing over the loss of a loved one. On a similar post, she discussed how she needed her sweetheart to satisfy every one of the guarantees that they made but then, they can never again do it since Franco is as of now gone.

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