It’s Halloween once again and people are getting ready for the best costume and makeup transformation of the year. While some would simply go to a salon and have their hair and faces transformed, this woman does her own makeup and costume. But what she looks after will definitely confuse you. She might be a doppelganger!

Meet Alyson Tabbitha, an artist, cosplayer, and makeup artist from Florida, who can literally transform herself into anyone. She’s mastered the art of sewing, producing, and makeup to become one of the most skillful cosplayers.

If you’d take a look at a few of her creations, you’d think she jumped out of a book or a TV screen. Her most famous creations would that be of Wonderwoman (Gal Gadot), Edward Scissorhands, and Jack Sparrow.

According to Alyson, she makes everything from scratch. Her costumes, wigs, and even her facial hair are personally made, adding a unique touch to her creations. Take a look at her unbelievable transformations below:

Yuna from Final Fantasy

Queen Padmé Amidala from Star Wars

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Captain Jack Sparrow

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Edward Scissorhands

Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy

Attack on Titan



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