Check this new Viral Song and why Everyone is talking About it
GMA Records recently released a new video titled “Love Me” by Singer-Songwriter Jeff James, and it incredibly got more than 1million views and more than 5,000 shares in less than 24 hour of posting on a Facebook Page.

The video shows us typical relationship troubles most couples are going through, and how they can easily manage things to be cool and still be loving with each other even their partner is annoying.

Featuring Real-Life couple Jon Gutierrez and Jelai Andres (popularly known as Team Jolai ) , in “Love Me” we can see how Girlfriends can be moody at times and put up crazy jokes towards their partner, but the man still accepts her for who she is and loves her unconditionally.

Like what it says on the lyrics of the song :

“How can I be so blessed and have everything ..its cause the gift of you my love you make me happy”

“Cause No One Can Love Me Like You Do, Treat Me Like You Do, Take Care of me Like You…..I Love You”

Every Girl will surely melt on their feet when someone sings to them a song with these words.
No one can deny how we all can relate to “Love Me” and How everyone is talking about it!

Watch this talked about video now and let us know what do you think:



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